Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eco Expo Asia - International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection on 26-29 OCT 2011

Fair Dates : 26-29 October 2011 (Wednesday-Saturday)
Venue :  AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
Link: http://www.hktdc.com/fair/ecoexpoasia-en/Eco-Expo-Asia-International-Trade-Fair-on-Environmental-Protection.html

Opening Hours :

26 October (Wed) 10:30am - 6:00pm
27-28 October (Thur - Fri) 10:00am - 6:00pm
29 October (Sat)  10:00am - 5:00pm

Admission :
26-28 Oct: Free admission to trade visitors aged 18 or above only, trade visitors must wear their admission badge during the fair.
29 Oct: Free admission to all visitors  (All exhibits are for display only and not for sale.)

Organisers :
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.

Co-organiser :
Environment Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Major Exhibit

Categories :
Air Quality 

  • Air filtration system
  • Air pollution & gas emission control
  • Air purification & deodorisation technology and equipment
  • Gas, smoke & chemical monitoring and treatment equipment
  • Desulphurisation & dust control technology and equipment

Energy Efficiency & Energy

  • Energy saving devices and products
  • Renewable & alternative energy products
  • Alternative energy machinery and technology
  • Eco-friendly vehicles
  • New energy materials

Waste Management & Recycling

  • Solid waste recycling technology and equipment 
  • Solid waste treatment, incineration & recycling systems 
  • Transport, collection & sorting of waste
  • Biological treatment equipment
  • Oil recycling technology and equipment 
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment and recycling systems

Eco-friendly Product

  • Bio-degradable plastic products
  • Recycled paper products
  • Recycled plastic products
  • Bio-degradable & recycled products and packaging
  • Bio-degradable & eco-friendly raw materials
  • Organic products
  • Nano technology and materials

Environmental Protection Solution & Service

  • Beach, coastal, harbour & marine protection
  • Forest regeneration & environment conservation
  • Environmental project equipment and services
  • Landfill containment
  • Slope & ground management and protection
  • Soil erosion control
  • Research & consultation

Water Quality

  • Water desalination & purification technology and equipment
  • Sewage systems and treatment
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Sewage maintenance
  • Wastewater recycling technology and equipment

Control, Measuring and Laboratory Technology

  • Quality inspection and testing services
  • Environmental electronic surveillance, monitoring and management systems
  • Sound & noise control products and services
  • Environmental information & data processing
  • Laboratory equipment & supplies

Environmental Protection Service & Research

  • Environmental-related education & training
  • Environmental-related media & publications
  • Green financing
  • Sustainability consultancy

Green Building Solution & Service

  • Energy efficient devices and systems
  • Indoor air quality technology and systems
  • Water saving devices and products
  • Eco-friendly landscape designs
  • Architectural & design services
  • Green roof systems and green walls
  • Eco-friendly materials for construction and fitting

Target Buyers : Government policy makers, urban planners and related NGOs
Manufacturers, designers, engineers looking for eco-friendly solutions to their production process and products
Chain stores, retailers, courier companies looking for eco-friendly packaging materials
Land developers looking for ecological landscape and construction designs
Consulting Engineers, Architects and Surveyors
Cleaning companies and management companies
Corporate Executives

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