Tuesday, November 22, 2011

International Conference On Corporate And Business Response To Climate Change 7 - 9 December

International Conference On Corporate And Business Response To Climate Change - 
From Awareness To Adoption (Transcending The Boundaries)

Date: 7 - 9 December 2011
Venue: Periyar University, Salem District, Tamil Nadu state, India

The proposed International Event will create awareness about how business and consumption activities causing change in the climate pattern and to share knowledge of best adoption practices to mitigate the effect of climate change both within and outside the country.

 The primary objective of this International Conference is to prepare the Industries, Business and Consumers to meet the challenges of global warming and the resultant problems associated with climate change.

  • Industries and Global Warming.
  • Climate Change related Physical risk and its Impact on Business
  • Activities causing Global Warming and Climate Change.
  • Methane and Carbon Sequestration.
  • Carbon Capping and Carbon Trading.
  • Redefining Product Planning and Post Consumption for Waste Management.
  • Business and Climate Change
  • Green Technologies and its Contribution in Reducing GHG
  • Domestic Climate Policy Frameworks to Mitigate Green House Gas Emissions.
  • Mitigation and Adoption to Climate Change.
  • Product Innovation for Climate Protection.
  • Development vs. Environment.
  • The Challenges of Climate Change.
  • HR Green Initiatives for Sustainable Development.
  • Energy Crisis and Non – Conventional Energy.
  • Sustainable Consumption for Sustainable Development.
  • Green Energy and Marketing Opportunities.
  • Green Products and Green marketing.
  • Sources of Renewable Energy.
  • Environment and CSR.
  • Environmental Accounting and Auditing.
  • Environment Economics.
  • Climate Change and Food Security.
  • Technology and Waste Management.
  • Disaster Management
  • Management of Coastal Resources
  • Greening the Investment of Financial Institution
  • Banks and Social Responsible Investment.
  • Green Buildings
  • Consumerism and Environmental Degradation
  • Consumption Culture and Waste Generation
  • Eco – Friendly Products and Green Movement.
  • Eco – Tourism

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