Friday, May 18, 2012

Civic Exchange Seminar – Dirty & Thirsty: Is this the future of Dongjiang?

Hong Kong’s fresh water supply is largely taken for granted. It is plentiful and affordable, and by global standards considered safe to drink. However, recent news of a toxic chemical spill in Xijiang and pollution in the Dongjiang River is a warning to Hong Kong that our water supply depends on the health of a larger hydrological system on the Mainland.
Building on the two reports reviewing the water quality in the Dongjiang and the Pearl River Basin[1] and the risks of industrial relocation in Guangdong[2], Civic Exchange will launch a report and a photographic documentary on the current state of the Dongjiang River. The principle author of the new report, Ms Su LIU (Greater China Manager of Civic Exchange) will introduce her recent visit to the Dongjiang River Basin and explain the implications for water security and sustainable development in Hong Kong. We are also delighted to have Mr YANG Yong (Founder and Chief Scientist of Hengduan Mountain Research Association) to join this event and share his insight.

Date:Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Time: 9.00am – 10.45am
Venue: Main Dining Room, Foreign Correspondents’ Club Hong Kong (2 Lower Albert Road, Central)
Language: Mandarin and English
(This event is fully subscribed. Post-event videos/report will be uploaded for your information. Thank you!)
Ms Su LIU – will introduce her fieldtrip observations and address the problems of urbanization and industrial relocation in Guangdong and its threats to water resources.

Mr YANG yong – will articulate the ecological and geological problems of hydropower development in the Pearl River basin, especially the Dongjiang. He will also address the implications of China’s water diversion plans as well as mega hydro development in the southwest China in relation to Guangdong.

Mr Mike KILBURN –will comment on the interconnection between climate change, drought, Guangdong’s energy market and air pollution in the Pearl River Delta.

Ms Christine LOH – will join all speakers and audiences for a panel discussion session.

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