Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chinese Updates: China Lists Goals Ahead of Rio+20

China Lists Goals Ahead of Rio+20
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China has set a number of new sustainable development goals from 2015 to 2020, said Du Ying, chairman of the Chinese preparatory committee for the forthcoming U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, in Rio de Janeiro.

He made the announcement on June 16 at a meeting in the Rio Center, the official venue of the U.N. conference scheduled for June 20-22.

The targets cover non-fossil fuel energy use, energy consumption per unit of GDP, carbon dioxide and other emissions, as well as goals in forest conservation, he said.

Du is also vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission – China's legislative body for its environmental policies – and an active participant in global climate change negotiations. He said China has been a firm supporter of global sustainable development initiatives, and has made remarkable progress in terms of economic development mode, social security and welfare systems, as well as sustainable resource use and environmental protection.

Despite the progress, Du said that the country is still under intense pressure due to its resource constraints and poverty relief efforts. China is therefore determined to step up sustainable development. Du also called for closer international cooperation in this field.

Sha Zukang, U.N. Under Secretary General and Secretary General of the summit, and Ma Zhaoxu, vice chairman of the Chinese preparatory committee and assistant Foreign Minister, also attended the meeting.
Ma announced the Chinese government's expectations for Rio+20. These include upholding the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities," balanced and coordinated economic and social development and environmental protection, broad prospects for green economy, the establishment of an institutional framework for sustainable development, earnest support and assistance for developing countries, as well as the launch of a sustainable development goal-setting process. Ma announced that Premier Wen Jiabao will attend and address the summit.

Zhou Dadi, a senior research fellow with the Energy Research Institute based in Beijing, presented his research paper on China's sustainable development at the meeting. Zhou was a member of the Expert Review Panel of the China National Report on Sustainable Development, a comprehensive compilation of the country's endeavors in sustainable development.


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