Monday, July 9, 2012

CSR Asia Summit 2012, 18-19 September 2012, China

The leading corporate social responsibility conference in Asia for professionals!

The CSR Asia Summit 2012 will take place in Beijing, China. Focussing on “Local Innovation for Global Challenges”, the conference will bring together over 500 delegates to explore CSR challenges, opportunities and solutions aimed at China, Asia and beyond.

China is no longer simply the ‘world’s factory’. It has become a key market, a major economy and is home to world-class companies operating globally. Along with these changes, the CSR landscape in China has been changing too. It is this context that is fundamentally altering the way that corporations communicate with their stakeholders, where new strategies and ideas arise and a new paradigm of CSR has emerged. 
Keynote speakers of 2012
Mao Yu-shi,
Economist / Founder & Standing Director,
Unirule Institute of Economics
Tang Min,
Counsellor of the State Council / Executive
China Social Entrepreneur
Foundation / President,
YouChange University
John Tedstrom,
President and CEO, GBCHealth 


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