Sunday, July 8, 2012

S. Korean Updates: Environmental leaders speak with one voice - “Nature is Future!”

Environmental leaders speak with one voice - “Nature is Future!”


Ministry of Environment (Minister Yoo Young-sook) and the Korean Academy of Environmental Science (Chairman Lee Sang-eun, Professor of Ajou University) are launching “Nature+ Forum” on July 5.

Over hundreds of opinion leaders of nature are expected to attend the forum and build a common ground regarding the future major environmental policies and discuss direction for future growth.

The form was organized to form discussions on the environment conservation taking the 2012 WCC as a chance and widely spread the discussions into each field.

Nature+ will be divided into two parts: Part 1, prospecting the future of nature polices and Part 2, introducing the successful stories of utilizing nature in each field.

Keynote speech by IUCN under the theme, “Nature+”, the slogan of WCC, and “trend and goal of global biodiversity” will be delivered by UN CBD during Part 1.

Followed by Part 1, potential value of natural environment and direction for future development from the viewpoints of local government (Hampyeong-gun), company (Amore Pacific Corporation) and expert (sustainable land use) will be proposed while introducing successful stories, during Part 2.

In particular, Hampyeong-gun will be presenting “green economy of Hampyeong butterfly” based on the experience of transforming from a ‘village lack of three elements: natural, industrial and cultural & tourism resources’ to an ecological city where three million people visit per year.

“Environmental vision 2020” is a medium and long-term strategy for environment conservation which reflects new paradigms including climate change and LOHAS consumer trends.

The Ministry is planning to establish new guidelines for natural environment conservation by the end of year based on the Nature+ forum.

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