Monday, August 13, 2012

New book: Environmental Ethics by Andrew Kernohan

Environmental Ethics

An Interactive Introduction
Written by: Andrew Kernohan

Publication Date: August 30, 2012
368pp • Paperback
ISBN: 9781554810413 / 1554810418

Environmental Ethics
This book explains the basic concepts of environmental ethics and applies them to global environmental problems. The author concisely introduces basic moral theories, discusses how these theories can be extended to consider the non-human world, and examines how environmental ethics interacts with modern society's economic approach to the environment. Online multiple-choice questions encourage the reader's active learning.

"Andrew Kernohan's Environmental Ethics: An Interactive Introduction is a fantastic text. Among its many strengths is the fact that it goes deeper into the intersection of environmental ethics, public policy, and economics than any other introductory text I have seen, and makes the important but often difficult ideas that lie in that intersection clear and accessible to complete newcomers. Additionally, its online component is ample and well-constructed, and a terrific resource for instructors and students alike." - Craig Duncan, Ithaca College

"It is high time that philosophers do more than speculate amongst themselves about issues of environmental ethics. Andrew Kernohan not only provides an interactive teaching tool, but equally importantly, he invites the reader to do environmental ethics. This engaging volume shows how philosophy can be vital to matters of environmental decision making and public policy." - Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, University of Toronto

Table of Contents:


Part I: Ethical Theory
Chapter 1: Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Chapter 2: Metaethics
Chapter 3: Ethical Analysis
Chapter 4: Ethical Egoism
Chapter 5: Utilitarianism
Chapter 6: Virtue Ethics
Chapter 7: Rights
Chapter 8: Justice

Part II: Environmental Ethics

Chapter 9: Obligations to Distant People
Chapter 10: Future Generations
Chapter 11: Animal Welfare
Chapter 12: Animal Rights
Chapter 13: Biocentric Ethics
Chapter 14: Ecocentric Ethics
Chapter 15: Ecofeminism
Chapter 16: Deep Ecology

Part III: Ethics, Economics, and the Environment

Chapter 17: Ethics and Economics
Chapter 18: Free-Market Environmentalism
Chapter 19: External Costs and Public Goods
Chapter 20: Cost-Benefit Analysis
Chapter 21: Precautionary Principles
Chapter 22: Pollution Control
Chapter 23: Sustainable Development
Chapter 24: The Market Worldview


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