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Events: Dialogue with China’s Environmental Experts organized by Civic Exchange and CUHK (5 Jan 2013)

Dialogue with China’s Environmental Experts
Civic Exchange is co-organising a public forum with Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, and Professional Association for China’s Environmentalists. The forum is the side event of the Conference on “Forty Years of Environmental Protection in China”. Senior environmentalists and government officials from Hong Kong and Mainland China will be present and discuss HK-China’s environmental governance and legislation.

Date: Saturday, 5 January 2013

Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Venue: Civic Exchange office, Office address: 23/F, Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central, Hong Kong.

*The venue can accommodate 30-50 people.
If more than 50 people sign up, alternative venue needs to be explored.

Language: Individual speakers will speak in Mandarin and/or English complementing bilingual visual contents (Civic Exchange might provide limited on-stage translation, if required)

14.30Welcome & IntroductionProf. David CHEN, CUHK
Ms. Su LIU, Civic Exchange
Session 1 – 40 Years On: What needs to be done?(Chair: Prof. David Chen)
14.35 Environmental Protection in the MainlandProf. WANG Jinnan
14.50Environmental Protection in Hong Kong: What has been done and the next stepsProf. NG Cho Nam
15.05Global perspective: Consensus, community, and common goalsDr. Jennifer TURNER
15.20Panel discussion
"Environmental Protection – Where are we now?"
Prof WANG Jinnan
Prof. BI Jun
Prof. NG Cho Nam
Dr. Jennifer TURNER
Prof BI Jun
Session 2 – The Importance of Sound Legislation(Chair: Ms. Su LIU)
16.00Enhancing the Environmental Legal Framework: A closer look at the latest amendments to environmental protection legislation in the MainlandProf. WANG Chanfa
16.15Case study: Preserving biodiversity on Mainland China
– Reasons for promoting nature conservation legislation in China
16.30Case study: Preserving biodiversity in Hong Kong
– Nature Conservaiton in Hong Kong: The importance of a legal framework
Mr. Wilson LAU
16.45Panel discussion
"Sound legislation: The best way to protect the environment"
Panelists:Prof. WANG Chanfa
Dr. JIE Yan
Dr. WANG Hua
Ms. Su LIU
17.15Closing remarks & NetworkingMs. Yan-yan YIP
* Event programme subject to change.

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