Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Publication:Climate in Asia and the Pacific: A Synthesis of APN Activities by APN

Climate in Asia and the Pacific: A Synthesis of APN Activities


Climate in Asia and the Pacific: A Synthesis of APN Activities


Climate, adaptation, mitigation, vulnerability, gaps, research, capacity development


The synthesis report is part of the APN’s larger aim to contribute, from the science perspective, to the development of policy options for appropriate responses to climate vulnerability and impacts, including adaptation and mitigation, which in turn will contribute to sustainable development. The timing of this publication also leads into three major activities of the “Planet Under Pressure: New Knowledge Towards Solutions Conference” and the “Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development,” both taking place in the first half of 2012, and the work of the current IPCC fifth assessment with the report scheduled for release in 2014.

The synthesis report indicates that, while there is much activity at the global level, there is a great need to intensify investigative research of climate change and climate variability and trends at the regional level, as these are still poorly understood. Consistent socio-economic data collection is needed, as is the need for an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex climate change problems. The increasing frequency and severity of floods, droughts and extreme temperatures requires the use of appropriate indices to improve monitoring and prediction of extreme events.



Wenjie DONG (China)
Lance HEATH (Australia)
Srikantha HERATH (Japan)
Kanayathu KOSHY (Malaysia)
Won-Tae KWON (Republic of Korea)
Rodel LASCO (Philippines)
Michael J MANTON (Australia)
James SALINGER (New Zealand)
Madan Lall SHRESTHA (Nepal)
Linda Anne STEVENSON (Japan)



For more information: http://www.apn-gcr.org/resources/items/show/1745

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