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South Korean Updates: 2011 soil contamination investigation shows 43 areas exceed standard (2 Nov 2012)


2011 soil contamination investigation shows 43 areas exceed standard

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Published Date: 2012.11.06

The Ministry of Environment announced on the 6th that the result of soil contamination fact-finding investigation in 2011 for 2,470 areas of 16 cities and provinces showed that 43 areas (1.7%) exceeded the worrisome level of soil contamination. Among the 43 areas, 13 areas exceeded the countermeasure standard for soil contamination, requiring prompt soil purification.

According to the fact-finding investigation by the ministry, sources of contamination which exceeded the contamination level are from waste dump/landfill/incineration areas and metal mines (10 areas each, 24.4%), transportation facility areas (7 areas, 16.3%) and factory and industrial areas (5 areas, 11.6%). Also, the items of contamination are 14 total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) and arsenic (As) each, 11 zinc (Zn), 6 copper (Cu) and 4 lead (Pb).

In case of each item which exceeded the worrisome level of soil contamination, xylene is 194.701/at transportation facility area of a gas station in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, exceeding by 13.0 times of worrisome level (4.3 times of countermeasure standard (45/)). Also, level of copper at a factory in Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do is 15,349/,reaching the highest by exceeding 7.7 times of worrisome level (2,000/) and 2.6 times of countermeasure standard (6,000/).

The ministry is planning for detail investigations on soils of 43 areas which exceeded the worrisome level of soil contamination and expedite purification of soil.

In particular, investigation on facilities in industrial activity areas will be reinforced through regional environmental offices and local governments. For the metal mines, the ministry will request for soil purification projects to related governments.

Also, areas where pollution discovery rate is high (metal mines, wastes dump/landfill/incineration areas, etc.) and where the areas are likely to contaminate - gas stations that went out of businesses - will be inspected intensively to increase the pollution discovery rate.


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