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Vietnamese Updates: People’s Opinion to Get Appreciation in Law on Water Resources (3 Jan 2013)

People’s Opinion to Get Appreciation in Law on Water Resources Thứ năm, ngày 03 tháng 01 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 04:11

       On Jan 1st, 2013 amended Law on Water Resources is officially effective. Although our country has 2,360 rivers and 26 distributaries with more than 7.000km of river and sea dikes, and many of the rivers having damsreservoirs and irrigationhydroelectric power ... onethird of people do not know what to do to protect the rivers.

Center for Humans and Nature made a survey of 1,300 households in nine villages in three provinces in the basins of the Red, Thai Binh, La, Vu Gia and Thu Bon Rivers so as to investigate the impact of development on rivers, water resources, and their effects to livelihoods. Only 30% of people expressed their concerns about river degradation problems. Over 30% did not know what and how to do to protect rivers when facing shallow river and water pollution. As a matter of fact, people are subjects depending on the river for water and irrigation.

Currently, most of the projects and works are carried out without asking opinion of people. As a result, people suffer the consequences when these projects are put into use.

The international experts also advised that Vietnam should equip community experience and promote community participation in waterresource protection and enhance community’s awareness of environment protection.

The community participation is a prerequisite and plays a decisive role to the effective implementation of programs and projects of environmental water resources protection. To minimize water environment pollution, the community participation is considered a decisive factor so that lawmakers have added a new point to the Law on Water Resources.  "Employers of projects which exploit and use waterresource and discharge of wastewater into water sources have to consult relevant communities, organizations and even individuals."According to Le Huu ThuanDeputy Director of the Water Resources Management DepartmentMinistry of Natural Resources &Environmentthis content is to carry out the policy of democratization at the grassroots level, to highlight the responsibility of the investors, to respect people's opinions, and to make information transparent in order to avoid possible negative impacts which possibly happen from the beginning of preparation.



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