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Vietnamese Updates: Vietnam's fishery industry to be world's greatest damage by climate change (16 Jan 2013)

Vietnam's fishery industry to be world's greatest damage by climate change Thứ tư, ngày 16 tháng 01 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 13:13

According to a report on Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012 (the case of Vietnam), a representative of DARA international - member of Climate Change Working Group said that climate change has cost Vietnam 5% of its GDP, equivalent to 15 billion dollar annually. In particular, the Vietnam’s fishery industry suffered the greatest damage caused by climate change in comparison with any other country in the world.

Specifically, in 2010, the fishery industry has lost 1.5 billion dollar. By 2030, the loss may be up to 25 billion dollar accounting for 11% of Vietnam’s GDP, said Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, a representative of the Center of Living and Learning for Environment and Community (Live & Learn).

One of the main reasons causing significant damage to the fishery industry is due to the absolute scale of the sector, the vulnerability of the tropical seas and the unsustainable fish reserve management. Hence, Vietnam needs to develop the recovery ability or limit the impact of climate change on the fishery industry through improving the management of this sector.
Thanh Bình

Link to the report Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012 (the case of Vietnam):


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