Saturday, February 2, 2013

South Korean Updates: All SMEs to receive 50% exemption on certification fee for carbon footprint labelling (31 Jan 2013)


All SMEs to receive 50% exemption on certification fee for carbon footprint labelling


The Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) announced on 31 the establishment and implementation of supportive plan to encourage greenhouse gases reduction and promote carbon footprint labelling of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

According to the supportive plan, MOE and KEITI will first expand the benefit of exempting 50% of certification fee to all SMEs which apply for the certification, to ease the financial burden.
Only the companies which acquired the certification were subject to the exemption benefit so far, but from 2013, all the companies will receive the benefit at the application stage.
Especially, in case a company applies for low carbon product certificate after the acquisition of carbon emissions certification, such company will get double exemptions by getting reduction on certification fee for low carbon product also.

Free consulting service will also be provided to help SMEs calculate carbon emissions during the carbon footprint label certification procedure.
‘Project for supporting calculation of SMEs’ products’ was first conducted in 2012.
14 companies were provided with free consulting service and 31 products acquired carbon footprint certification label in 2012.
This year, companies subject to the service will be expanded to 20 and opportunity for fostering experts will be provided with the free consulting service.
The companies willing to participate in the project should submit application document to KEITI by Feb. 20. More details are on EDP website ( and KEITI website (


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