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New Book: Low Carbon Development Key Issues edited by Frauke Urban, Johan Nordensvärd (7 Mar 2013)

Low Carbon Development

Key Issues

Edited by Frauke UrbanJohan Nordensvärd

Published 7th March 2013 by Routledge – 352 pages

Low Carbon Development: Key Issues addresses the interface between international development and climate change in a carbon constrained world. It discusses the key conceptual, empirical and policy-related issues of low carbon development and takes an international and interdisciplinary approach to the subject by drawing on insights from across the natural sciences and social sciences whilst embedding the discussion in a global context.
The first part explores the concept of low carbon development and explains the need for low carbon development in a carbon constrained world. The book then discusses the key issues of socio-economic, political and technological nature for low carbon development, exploring topics such as the political economy, social justice, financing and carbon markets, and technologies and innovation for low carbon development. This is followed by key issues for low carbon development in policy and practice, which is presented based on cross-cutting issues such as low carbon energy, forestry, agriculture and transportation. Afterwards, practical case studies are discussed from low carbon development in low income countries in Africa, middle income countries in Asia and Latin America and high income countries in Europe and North America.
Written by an international team of leading academics and practitioners in the field of low carbon development, this book is essential reading for students, academics, professionals and policy-makers interested in the fields of low carbon development, climate change mitigation, climate policy, climate change and development, global environmental change, and environment and development.
Part 1: Introduction 1. Low Carbon Development: Origins, Concepts and Key Issues Frauke Urban and Johan Nordensvärd 

Part 2: The Politics of Low Carbon Development 
2. The Political Economy of Low Carbon Development Matthew Lockwood 
3. The Climate Change Policy Process and Low Carbon Development Merylyn Hedger 

Part 3: The Social Dimensions of Low Carbon Development 
4. Social Justice and Low Carbon DevelopmentThomas Tanner and Blane Harvey 
5. Social Policy and Low Carbon Development Johan Nordensvärd 

Part 4: The Economics of Low Carbon Development 
6. Climate Change Economics: Financing Low Carbon Development Frauke Urban and Johan Nordensvärd 
7. The Future of Carbon Markets: Carbon Trading, the Clean Development Mechanism and beyondMarkus Lederer 

Part 5: Technology and Innovation for Low Carbon Development 
8. Low Carbon Innovation and Technology Transfer David Ockwell and Alexandra Mallet 

Part 6: Key Issues for Low Carbon Development in Policy and Practice 
9. Renewable Energy and Energy Access in Developing Countries Ewan Bloomfield and Annabel Yadoo 
10. Revolutionising the Electricity Sector: Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Grid InfrastructureLetha Tawney 
11. Forestry and Low Carbon Development Rocio Hiraldo 
12. Agriculture and Low Carbon Development Rocio Hiraldo 
13. Transportation and Low Carbon DevelopmentDavid Tyfield 
14. Triple Win? The Case of Climate Compatible Development Frauke Urban 

Part 7: Key Issues for Low Carbon Development in Low, Middle and High Income Countries: Case Studies 
15. Approaches to Low Carbon Development in Low, Middle and High Income Countries: A Conceptual Framework Frauke Urban 
16. Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth in a Carbon Constrained World: The Case of Ethiopia Frauke Urban and Hilawe Lakew
17. Low Carbon Development in Tanzania: Lessons from its Solar Home System Market Rob Byrne 
18. Ride the Wind: Wind Energy in China Frauke Urban 
19. Low Carbon City Planning in China Andreas Oberheitmann and Ruan Xiaodong 
20. From Outsider to World Leader: Bioethanol in Brazil Napoleao Dequech Neto and Eva Heiss 
21. Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) in the US Jennie Stephens 
22. Energy Efficiency Policy in Germany and the UK Jan Rosenow Final Thoughts Frauke Urban and Johan Nordensvärd

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