Saturday, March 30, 2013

South Korean Updates: Jury system for environmental R&D project to be introduced (27 Mar 2013)


Jury system for environmental R&D project to be introduced


Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) under the Ministry of Environment announced to introduce the ‘Environmental R&D Project Jury,’ composed of environmental experts, housewives, university students and teachers.

The jury system is of significance in that the public will directly participate in the process of planning, designing and evaluating the development of environmental technology, which used be the task of experts.

The members of jury will join the process from the project-selecting stage, and reflect the public’s voices on various environmental issues. Also, they will participate in public seminars, public hearings as well as evaluation and deliberation of R&D project as monitoring staffs.

KEITI selected 30 members of the environmental R&D project jury and held a kick-off ceremony on March 27.

KEITI expects that the jury system will help reflect the public’s opinion on environmental issues in daily life into R&D policies and accelerate realization of environment welfare.

An official in KEITI said that the environmental R&D project jury will serve as an opportunity to meet the environmental needs of the public regarding Korea’s environmental R&D projects, and will listen attentively to the people’s interest and demand. 


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