Monday, April 15, 2013

Japanese Updates: Results of survey of the proportion of thyroid ultrasound findings (12 Apr 2013)

Results of survey of the proportion of thyroid ultrasound findings 

1. Background and Objectives of the Survey
As the results of Fukushima Health Management Survey, thyroid cysts* (<20.0mm) are suspected among~40% children. Although these cysts don’t need detailed examination, anxiety is occurred among people due to record such a minor status. It is a first trial in the world to survey a large number of participant’s thyroid by such a high resolution thyroid ultrasound examinations, therefore the frequency of thyroid cysts and the variance of status are not well known. Under these circumstances, MOE conducts thyroid ultrasound examination same as Fukushima’s one for sufficient number of children aged 18 years or younger in 3 areas and provide some helpful information on the thyroid survey to promote of understanding among people.

*cysts without solid component

The thyroid ultrasound examination in this survey was conducted to screen, not to determine Thyroid cancer.

The Ministry of the Environment, MOE, has conducted and published a survey of the proportion of thyroid ultrasound findings. 

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