Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HK's Updates: Greening partner campaign launches (25 May 2013)


Greening partner campaign launches

May 25, 2013
The Development Bureau's Be Our Greening Partner campaign launched today, with key events such as a Greening Partner Charter and activities such as community tree surveillance talks, landscape design seminars, tree appreciation visits, and Old and Valuable Tree guided tours.
The campaign is among the "Hong Kong: Our Home" campaign activities under the theme Fresh Hong Kong.
Speaking at the launch ceremony, Secretary for Development Paul Chan said the Government has been promoting greening, tree care and public participation in associated activities. The campaign aims to encourage people and organisations to contribute to a green environment.
Mr Chan said community involvement not only fosters appreciation and care for trees and a green environment, but also enhances knowledge of tree management and injects positive energy into building and sustaining a green community.
A seminar was held after the launch with five experts sharing their knowledge on tree care and management.
One of the campaign's key activities is the launch of the "Greening Partner Charter". Interested parties can subscribe to it as organisations or individuals, pledging to join and promote the campaign for a quality green environment and better tree management in Hong Kong.
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