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Events: Breathe Life Arts Exhibition organized by The Breathe Life group on 5-29 Jul 2013

The University of Hong Kong


Breathe Life Arts Exhibition

Breathe Life Arts Exhibition


「生息藝術展」- 2013
05 Jul 2013 - 29 Jul 2013
Breathe Life Arts Exhibition was initiated by Hong Kong artist Susan Yeung. Together with many of the city’s renowned artists, Its mission is to arouse public awareness of environmental issues and protection via appreciation of the arts. The group has boldly propelled its ardent idealism into action. Through a diverse range of mediums such as oil paintings, short films, photography, sketching and music, artists from Hong Kong share their perception of society and its surroundings, expressing their thoughts and concerns about the environment and its future. The first Breathe Life Arts Exhibition debuted in one of the most prestigious museums in Beijing, Today’s Art Museum, in September 2011, and was well received with significant media coverage and good public attendance. It was such a phenomenal success that a second show was encored at the Siemens Art Space at 798, Beijing the following month in October, 2011. In March 2012, Breathe Life Arts Exhibition – Shanghai had the privilege to be part of WWF’s annual "Earth Hour" event that was dedicated to promote energy conservation.

The Breathe Life group sowed their first seed in Beijing, and the hope is for that seed to grow into a strong and sturdy refuge for environmental awareness, and to continue expanding as the group exhibits in different cities around the world. This summer, for the first time on home turf, “Breathe Life Arts Exhibition 2013” will be held atArtisTree from 5-29 July 2013. All the participating artists are locally acclaimed and have a strong tie with Hong Kong. The impressive team includes artist and co-curator Susan Yeung, visual artist and co-curator Ada Chan, well-known director Dante Lam Chiu Yin, world renowned jewelry designer Dickson Yewn, distinguished musician Peter Kam, celebrated lyricist Chen Shao Qi, acclaimed photographer Ringo Tang and environmental photographer Derek Que. By showcasing their proudest pieces, they wish to communicate and explore the meaning of Life with the audience.

To express their adoration for this unique city, they are honored to have 
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong as the sole Beneficiary Organization for this event.

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