Monday, June 10, 2013

New Books: International Support for Domestic Climate Policies in Developing Countries Edited by Karstan Neuhoff (1 Jun 2013)

International Support for Domestic Climate Policies in Developing Countries

Edited by Karstan Neuhoff

Published 1st June 2013 by Routledge – 128 pages

This volume examines how international cooperation can support implementation of domestic climate policies in developing countries. Six case studies explore the domestic drivers and barriers for policies with climate (co-)benefits in developing countries and show that international support can help to overcome these constraints by providing additional resources for incremental policy costs, technical assistance, and technology cooperation to build local capacity. Cooperation can also contribute to robust institutional frameworks and government policies that facilitate increased private sector investment, which supports low-carbon production and consumption. Any such cooperation has to be anchored in domestic initiatives - building on stakeholder support for policies with climate co-benefits. The studies also examines the important role played by policy indicators in successful policy implementation and how they can be linked to international incentive schemes. The contributions in this volume examine cases from institutional and national perspectives from across the globe and find that, with common but differentiated responsibility for climate policy, developed countries have to contribute more towards technological and financial support in developing countries.

Editorial: Karsten Neuhoff International Support for Domestic Climate Policies Using Intermediate Indicators: Lessons for Climate Policy Policy targets: Lessons for Effective Implementation of Climate Actions A History of Conditionality: Lessons for International Cooperation on Climate Policy Brazilian Low-carbon Transportation Policies: Opportunities for International Support Policy and Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development in Ghana Domestic Climate Policy for the Indian Steel Sector Climate Co-benefit Policies for the Indian Energy Sector: Domestic Drivers and North-South Cooperation Concentrated Solar Power in South Africa China's Wind Industry: Policy Lessons for Domestic Government Interventions and International Support Twinning: Lessons for a South-North Climate Policy Context

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