Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Books: Science, Policy and Stakeholders in Water Management An Integrated Approach to River Basin Management Edited by Geoffrey Gooch, Per Stålnacke (1 Jun 2013)

Science, Policy and Stakeholders in Water Management

An Integrated Approach to River Basin Management

Edited by Geoffrey GoochPer Stålnacke

Published 1st June 2013 by Routledge – 184 pages

One of the major problems facing practitioners and scientists working with water management is how to integrate knowledge and experiences from scientific, policy and stakeholder perspectives. In this book this science-policy-stakeholder interface (SPSI) is examined both analytically and through the description of practical experiences from river basins in Europe, India and South-East Asia. These include the Tungabhadra (India), Sesan (Vietnam/Cambodia), Tagus (Spain/Portugal) and Glomma (Norway), which particularly highlight issues associated with pollution, severely altered river flows and transboundary conflicts.
Following two chapters which lay the framework for the book the authors describe how SPSI was managed in the case study basins and how stakeholder participation and scenarios were used to integrate different perspectives, and to facilitate the communication of different forms of knowledge. Four important aspects of water management and SPSI are then discussed; these are water pollution, land and water interaction, environmental flow and transboundary water regimes. Short descriptions of the case study rivers are provided together with analyses of how SPSI was managed in water management in these basins and policy recommendations for the basins.
The book concludes by providing a series of recommendations for improving the science-policy-stakeholder interface in water management. It represents a major step forward in our understanding of how to implement integrated water resources management.

List of Contributors Acronyms Preface 
1. Introduction: The Science-Policy-Stakeholder Interface (SPSI)
2. Putting the 'Integration' In Science-Policy-Stakeholders Interface
3. SPSI and Stakeholder Participation
4. The Science-Policy-Stakeholder Interface in Sustainable Water Management: Creating Interactive, Participatory Scenarios Together with Stakeholders
5. The Science-Policy-Stakeholders Interface in Water Pollution Assessment
6. The Science-Policy-Stakeholder-Interface (SPSI) in Land and Water Use Interactions
7. SPSI and Environmental Flow
8. The SPSI and Transboundary Water Regimes
9. SPSI in Water Management- Lessons Learnt and the Challenges Ahead Index

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