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Vietnamese Updates: Efforts to save Dong Nai River (20 Jun 2013)

Heavilly-polluted Dong Nai river

Efforts to save Dong Nai River 

Thứ năm, ngày 20 tháng 06 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 04:09

Environmental basin of the Dong Nai river system has a special importance forsustainable development in 11 provinces, including Ho Chi Minh CityDongNaiBinh DuongBinh PhuocBa Ria - Vung TauLam Dong , Dak LakNinhThuanBinh ThuanTay NinhLong AnThe Dong Nai river system supplieswater for living and agricultural and industrial productionAt the same time,Dong Nai river system receives agriculturalindustrial and hospital waste waters and part of solid urban wasteHowever, the water pollution in the riverbasin is increasing at an alarming rateTherefore, the environment protection in the Dong Nai River is an urgent problem nowadays.

The latest data monitored by the Center of Dong Nai Environment Engineering andMonitoring in more than 100 sites in riversstreams and lakes in the province ofDong Nai has showed that in many places, water is heavily contaminated. It isestimated that urban areas and businesses along the basin of Dong Nai river systemrelease approximately 5 million m3 of waste water  per day with a total of 600,000kgBOD1.1 million kg COD200.000kg nitrogen, and 760,000kg SS. Therefore, DongNai river’s water quality can not meet standards of water supply for daily life. Especially, the Thi Vai river’s water sources do not meetstandards for aquaculture production.

To minimize pollution on Dong Nai Riverin 2003the former Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Mai Ai Truc met leaders of 11 provinces to make immediate measures to restore Dong Nai River’s environmentMany solutions to improve water quality in the river havebeen carried outThe Prime Minister has signed Decision N. 187 on environmental protection of Dong Nai river system to 2020. According to this Decision, the provinces in the river basin to the year 2010 have improved effectively environment quality and water quality of the Dong Nai river systemSpecifically80of industrial zone, export processing zones collected 90of domestic waste90of industrial solid waste70% of hazardous waste and 100of medical wasteTo achieve this goalthe total cost will be 2,000 trillion. Currently, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is also trying to protect the basin of the Dong Nai river system by submitting to theGovernment a draft decree promulgating the list of prohibited and restricted investment areas on river basinsAt the same timethe Ministry proposed to find the measures to improve the human resources and management mechanisms.

In addition to the above policies, according to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Cach Tuyen, provinces and cities in the basin in the basin should urgently build implementation plan and allocate adequate funds to accelerate construction of treatment facilities of wastewater, solid waste in urban areas, industrial zones and industrial clusters. In particular, it is urgently to unify coordination mechanism among provinces and cities in the basin, avoiding the conflicts in the basin. To do this, the Dong Nai river system would be escaped from pollution.

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