Saturday, July 6, 2013

Events: 5th China Commercial Vehicle Summit 2013 organized by Commercial Vehicle Market on 11-12 Jul 2013

Clean Air Initiative

5th China Commercial Vehicle Summit 2013

11-12 Jul 2013
As the world’s largest producer of commercial vehicles, China’s share of total global production reached 44 percent in 2012. As predicted, the Commercial Vehicle Market will meet the end of sluggish conditions and the market is expected to recover in 2013.By simulating the growth rate of land freight demand, it is estimated that demands in the first half of 2013 will meet a seasonal peak and the sales of commercial vehicles will re-enter the high speed growth.
Following in the wake of the outstanding 4th Commercial Vehicle Summit in Shanghai, the 5th China Commercial Vehicle Summit will serve to deepen its delegates' understanding of the new development trends and policies of the commercial vehicle industry, discussing about the copying strategy of implementing the new emission standard, exchanging the core R&D and manufacturing technologies and sharing the exclusive case study on corporate strategic transition. The 5th China Commercial Vehicle Summit will be held on July 11th and 12th, 2013, in Jinan, China. Senior official’s and president’s from government bodies and industry associations along with, top-level executives, technical directors, project leaders from major logistic companies, commercial vehicle manufactures, key components R&D and manufacturing companies and auto design institutes. Experts and industry leaders will discuss about the development strategy of commercial vehicle industry and aim to find the best solutions and partners.

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