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New Books: Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance Edited by Takeshi Murota and Ken Takeshita (Mar 2013)

Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance
Edited by Takeshi Murota and Ken Takeshita

PUBLICATION DATA: ISBN-13: 978-92-808-1223-7
PAGES: 440
PUBLISHER:United Nations University Press
PUBLISHED:March 2013

The rising tide of globalization poses a direct threat to the viability of small communities worldwide. Such communities, however, are our greatest hope for sustainable environmental governance, as they possess unparalleled ability to directly manage common-pool resources.
Providing a much-needed antidote in this age of globalization, this volume advances the idea of collaborative governance as an integration of open and closed commons. Taking into consideration the dimension of conflict resolution, it studies examples of governance structures in various countries around the world to develop a new type of democracy towards multilevel environmental governance that involves the public, private and commons spheres.
With contributions from researchers in a wide variety of disciplines, this volume demonstrates through institutional and empirical analyses the essential role of local commons in providing an axis of resistance to increasing environmental devastation and social inequality towards creating a sustainable future for local communities as well as society at large.

About the Editors:

Takeshi Murota is a Professor in the Department of Economics at Doshisha University, Japan.
Ken Takeshita is a Professor in the School of Law at Kansai University, Japan.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Theoretical Studies of the Commons
1 The tragedy of the conceptual expansion of the commons, Yutaka Suga
Eclectic collaborative commons as an integration of closure, and openness, Makoto Inoue
3 Complementary environmental resource policies in the public, commons and private spheres: An analysis of external impacts on the commons, Gaku Mitsumata
Part II: Institution of the Commons
The custom and legal theory of iriai in Japan: A history of the discourse on the position of the rights of common in the modern legal system, Tatsuya Suzuki
The position of fishery commons in the multilevel fishery resource governance in Japan, Takeshi Murota
Fishermen in China’s Taihu Lake Basin and inland freshwater fisheries: Unsettled questions about the nature of rights, Izuru Ota
Cross-scale institutional linkages: A focus on environmental networks in Kuraburi Estuary, Thailand, Shimpei Iwasaki
Part III: Local Commons and Survival Strategies under Globalization
Community sustainability and adaptation to modernization and globalization: Case study of the Lake Biwa region in Japan, Hiroshi Noda
Recreation, easy access and rediscovery? Possibilities and problems of recent footpath projects in Japan, Rui Izumi and Yuichiro Hirano
Multilayered natural resource management in open and closed commons: A case study on the right of access and the state, community and farm commons in Norway, Daisaku Shimada and Takeshi Murota
The governance of local commons and community administration: The hidden potential of the property ward system, Haruo Saito
The dynamics of cross-scale linkages in the context of global commons: Aspects of “resistance” to wildlife conservation in the Maasailands of Kenya, Toshio Meguro
Local governance for groundwater conservation based on voluntary restrictions on the use of common property: A study of utaki in Miyako, Okinawa, Yasuhiro Nakanishi
Part IV: Collaboration, Democracy and Multilevel Environmental Governance
Environmental governance from a public perspective: A reappraisal of state objectives, Ken Takeshita
Forest volunteer activity in Japan, Shinji Yamamoto
Sustainability of local shopping districts as commons: A case study of the revitalization of the shopping district centred around Kurokabe Corporation in Nagahama City, Yoshio Takatsu
Institutional design of watershed committees in Japan, Tomohiko Ohno
Watershed governance and dam construction projects: A case study on the Daido River Dam in the Yodo River Basin, Congmian Jiao
Building common property regimes to deter resource-wrecking, Margaret McKean
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