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HK's Updates: Application for replacement subsidy for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors on petrol and LPG taxis and light buses to begin soon (31 Jul 2013)

Application for replacement subsidy for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors on petrol and LPG taxis and light buses to begin soon


     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announced today (July 31) that the subsidy programme for the replacement of catalytic converters and oxygen sensors on petrol and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) taxis and light buses will start on August 15. Vehicle owners will be able to submit applications and make reservations for replacement service in phases according to the year of manufacture of their vehicle. The programme aims to reduce emissions from taxis and light buses and therefore improve roadside air quality.

     The programme is being conducted on a voluntary basis and the subsidy will cover the necessary components and associated replacement work. The suppliers of components and vehicle repair workshops for the replacement service were selected through open tenders held by the Government. The levels of subsidy are being set according to the tender results. A total of 52 vehicle repair workshops and three suppliers of components have joined the programme. The appointed contractors can request vehicle owners to pay for the difference if their charges exceed the levels of subsidy. Details of the appointed contractors for the programme and their charges have been uploaded to the EPD's website at version only).

     To ensure that the replacement programme runs smoothly, eligible vehicle owners who wish to join the programme should take with them the vehicle and a copy of the Vehicle Registration Document and submit their application as well as make a reservation for replacement service according to the year of manufacture of the vehicle (see Appendix) at one of the designated vehicle repair workshops. Vehicle owners are allowed to make their own choice of supplier for components. The subsidy will not be granted to vehicle owners who fail to submit their applications and complete the replacement within the designated period. The whole programme will be completed by March 31, 2014.

     A spokesman for the EPD said, "At present, the catalytic converters of some 80 per cent and 45 per cent of road-running taxis and light buses respectively are worn out, causing excessive emissions. Replacement of worn-out catalytic converters can reduce vehicle emissions by as much as 90 per cent."

     The spokesman appealed to eligible vehicle owners to join the programme. He added, "To improve roadside air quality, starting from April next year, the EPD will use roadside remote sensing equipment to step up monitoring of any excessive emissions by petrol and LPG vehicles. Vehicles found to be emitting excessively will be required to pass an advanced emissions test with the aid of a dynamometer within a designated period of time. Otherwise, the vehicle licence will be cancelled."

      For further information on the programme, applicants can also call the EPD hotline on 3618 7670.
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