Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Publications: ADB Releases Review of Stakeholder Participation in Climate Investment Funds by ADB (29 Jul 2013)


ADB Releases Review of Stakeholder Participation in Climate Investment Funds

29 July 2013: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released the second edition of its publication titled 'Stakeholder Engagement in Preparing Investments Plans for the Climate Investment Funds,' which uses a case-study approach to examine how stakeholder engagement was carried out in the preparation of investment plans in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines, with reference to the guidance provided by ADB and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) on stakeholder participation.

Since the CIF's inception, ADB has participated in the preparation of 15 investment plans under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF). The report includes general recommendations on stakeholder engagement in CIF processes, as well as specific recommendations for improving current ADB guidance on participation.

On the ADB guidance on participation, the study recommends the provision of, inter alia: additional advice on how to support government-led consultations and ADB's responsibility in promoting good participation practice in developing member countries; advice on how to engage with government in order to promote government leadership of consultation processes and support interagency consultation within government; and additional advice on maximizing the effectiveness of private sector engagement, particularly in strategy development.

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