Saturday, August 3, 2013

South Korean Updates: Go eco-friendly camping and cut food waste with food bank! (23 Jul 2013)


Go eco-friendly camping and cut food waste with food bank!


With a growing number of people going camping, Korea National Park Service (KNPS) under the Ministry of Environment (MOE) will expand the food banks at camp sites to reduce food waste for spreading eco-friendly camping.

KNPS is running the food banks at 16 campgrounds among 42 sites, which have increased from 12 campgrounds last year.

The food bank in the national parks is intended to keep food fresh in hot weather for campers and distribute donated food to the less privileged in return, which can cut food waste.

Since KNPS operated the food banks at 12 campgrounds last year, the amount of food waste has dropped by 29% from 187 tons to 133 tons.

KNPS has installed refrigerators at each campground to keep meat, fruits or vegetables fresh in summer and donation boxes. Two refrigerators, one for storing food and another for exchanging food, are set up at each camp site.

Campers can donate food such as canned food, instant noodle or rice which will not go bad in the box and KNPS will deliver the collected food to the food bank operating group in nearby area.

As the number of people using campground at national parks has rapidly increased from 283,000 in 2010 and 342,000 in 2011 to 462,000 in 2012, expanded food banks will help spread a culture of green camping.


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