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CALL FOR CITIES: SOLUTIONS (Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban transporTatION) (Deadline: 30 Sep 2013)

Clean Air Initiative
CALL FOR CITIES: SOLUTIONS (Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban transporTatION)
The European SOLUTIONS (Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban transporTatION) project on innovative and green urban transport solutions, is calling for cities from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean, to become involved in the project's innovation activities as leading, take-up or training city.
Clean Air Asia, as part of the consortium partners that will be implementing the SOLUTIONS project, is encouraging cities, particularly in Asia, to take part in this unique opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with other cities from the globe.
CALLS available at:
Cities can apply to become involved in SOLUTIONS for one of the following categories:
Leading cities
Leading cities from Europe, Asia and Latin America are willing through SOLUTIONS to share their expertise in the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility solutions. They will also benefit from the mutual learning process and the knowledge sharing with other cities in the world within the context of SOLUTIONS.
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Application form for Leading cities
Take-up cities
Asia and Latin America: Two cities from Asia (one from China and one from India) and two from Latin America (one from Mexico and one from Brasil) will be selected as take-up cities. These cities should show a real sense of commitment to assess opportunities for the transfer of innovative solutions to their context.
Mediterranean countries: For participating cities from Mediterranean countries (primarily Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria), bilateral and multilateral exchanges and technical visits will be organised and opportunities for future research cooperation will be elaborated.
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Application form for Take-up cities
Training cities
Interested cities will be able to participate in several knowledge-sharing and capacity-building workshops in Latin America, Asia and the Mediterranean, focusing on successful examples of innovative sustainable mobility solutions from Europe, China, Singapore and Latin America.
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Application form for Training cities
The main focus of the SOLUTIONS project will be on the exchange between cities from Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean. SOLUTIONS brings together some of the leading experts and city networks from these regions, aiming to foster knowledge exchange and boost the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions through the further exploitation of existing knowledge.
The project will particularly look at solutions in the following thematic areas:
  • public transport
  • transport infrastructure
  • city logistics
  • integrated planning / sustainable urban mobility plans
  • network and mobility management
  • integrated planning / sustainable urban mobility plans
  • clean vehicles
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