Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hk's Updates: Converter subsidy to end ( 1 Oct 2013)

Converter subsidy to end

October 01, 2013
The Environmental Protection Department has urged owners of Toyota LPG taxis manufactured in 2002 or before, and minibuses manufactured in 2007 or before, to apply for the subsidy to replace catalytic converters and oxygen sensors of petrol and liquefied petroleum gas taxis and minibuses before October 14.

Applications should be submitted at designated vehicle repair workshops.

More than 60% of the vehicles' owners have applied for the subsidy. Part replacement started today and will be completed by December 31.

At present, 80% and 45% of LPG taxi and minibus catalytic converters have worn out, causing excessive emissions. Replacement of these converters can reduce vehicle emissions by 90%.

To improve roadside air quality, starting from next April, the department will use roadside remote sensing equipment to monitor excessive emissions of petrol and LPG vehicles.

Vehicles found with excessive emissions will be required to pass an advanced emissions test with the aid of a chassis dynamometer, or the vehicle licence will be cancelled.

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