Thursday, October 3, 2013

Korean Updates: International Workshop on IUCN Green to be held (1 Oct 2013)

International Workshop on IUCN Green to be held

International Workshop on IUCN Green to be held

Korea’s national park services are leading in setting up the Green List of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that certifies well-managed protected areas around the world.

Korea National Park Service (KNPS) under the Ministry of Environment and IUCN will jointly host an ‘International Workshop on IUCN Green List of Protected Areas’ from September 30 to October 2 at Best Western Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

As a partner of IUCN in the Asia region, KNPS has established partnership with IUCN in September 2012 to carry out pilot projects on green list in Korea. IUCN has worked with Australia, Columbia, South Africa, France and other countries for pilot projects per continent.

The workshop will be joined by about 40 experts on protected area from home and abroad including Australia, Columbia, South Africa and France who will share their experience and practice on pilot projects of green list certification.

KNPS will select five candidates for Green List after the 2nd Assessment on Effectiveness of Protected Area Management by collecting and analyzing data on national parks registered in the Green List.

KNPS will organize the Green List session of Asia Parks Congress to be held in Sendai, Japan and promote the charm of Korea’s national parks as the candidates for IUCN Green List. It aims to register ten national parks in IUCN Green List by 2015.

The workshop serves as a meaningful platform to set up certification standard for IUCN’s Green List, which is a global initiative for well-managed protected areas around the world.

By hosting the workshop, Korea will enhance its image as a leading country in the field of environment, gaining confidence of the international community. Also, it is expected that Korea will play a leading role in conducting the regional projects on Green List in Asia.  

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