Monday, December 16, 2013

Event: Call for papers-ISEE at the APA (27-30 2013)

CALL FOR PAPERS – ISEE at the APA, December 27-30, 2013

ISEE Logo #2Meeting of the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) at the Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA), December 27-30, 2013,Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore.
The International Society for Environmental Ethics invites submissions of individual papers (approximately 20 minutes running time) or proposals for themed sessions (particular topics, author meets critics, etc.; 2 or 3 hours running time) for the next Eastern Division APA meeting.


  • For individual paper submissions, please submit a full paper or an
    abstract of 200 words maximum.
  • For themed sessions, please submit title of session, names of presenters
    and an abstract for each paper (if appropriate). Participants should be
    confirmed as willing to attend if the session goes forward.
Materials should be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format to Benjamin Hale (ISEE Vice-President) at
The deadline for submitting materials and proposals is May 15, 2013.Decisions on papers will be made near the end of May.
Director of Graduate Studies
Environmental Studies Program

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