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Event: NARBO Online Training Course on Environmental Management 2nd Edition (27 Jan 2014)

NARBO Online Training Course on Environmental Management 2nd Edition

Course description

Course Title:NARBO Online Training Course on Environmental Management 2nd Edition
Inclusive Dates:27 January - 23 March 2014 (8 weeks)
Tuition:Full tuition for the course is US$770. Study grants, covering registration and tuition fees only, for 35 participants selected from ADB member countries are available.
Application Deadline:
15 January 2014
The Network of Asian River Basins Organizations (NARBO) Online Training Course on Environmental Management 2nd Edition will enable professionals to further develop their skills in the field within the framework of river basin management (RBM). The course seeks to stimulate knowledge acquisition and capacity building to improve the implementation of strategies and decision making processes for an environmentally-oriented water management, as part of integrated water resources management or IWRM. The course takes a proactive approach and promotes the exchange of experiences among participants from a very practical point of view: from water manager to water manager.


The course:
  • promotes the exchange of experiences and institutional capacity building for environmental management of water resources in Asian countries,
  • updates knowledge of the fundamentals in the evaluation of water ecosystems and the pressures and impacts to human activities,
  • provides knowledge oriented to the improvement of management skills to address environmental challenges and the implementation of measures to preserve and restore water-environment functionalities, and 
  • contributes to the development of methodologies and planning to implement environmental management in river basins.


This course is designed to meet the needs of professional public officials and technicians working in RBOs and government agencies responsible for water resources or river basin management in ADB member countries, specifically those dealing with environmental issues. Applicants from international development agencies, water user associations, NGOs and academic institutions may also apply.
Eligible participants will be water management practitioners (at least middle-management level) with a university background and good English level. The course will be delivered in English.


The course is being organized by NARBO and ADB, in partnership with the Ebro River Water Authority (Spain), CEDDET Foundation (Spain), Japan Water Agency, Centre for Sustainable Water Resources Development and Climate Change Resilience (Viet Nam).


Candidates interested to join the course are encouraged to visit CEDDET’s web page ( to create their free account (registration). Once registered, complete the online application form for the course by 15 January 2014 to participate in the selection process. Applications are both for the course and the grants. It is required to fill in the CV with contact details and professional data, and also details of the candidate’s professional sponsor.
The selection process will start immediately after the application deadline and up to 35 participants will be selected to participate in the online course with an ADB grant, covering registration and tuition fees only. All candidates will be informed the result of the selection process during the week before the course starts on 27 January 2014.

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