Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hong Kong News: Landfill plan to be resubmitted (24 Jan 2014)

Landfill plan to be resubmitted

January 24, 2014
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong says the need for landfill extension is urgent, and the Government will re-submit its extension proposal to the Legislative Council in the first quarter of this year.

Speaking to reporters today, Mr Wong said the Government has done a lot to communicate with stakeholders on the issue, and has improved the operation of landfills, to gain public support.

Meanwhile, Mr Wong said the waste charging public engagement ended today, and the Council for Sustainable Development will submit a report to the Government.

Surveys show the majority of people support waste charging, although there are concerns on whether the scheme can be implemented in an effective way.

The Government will study feedback to review the scheme and work with the community to build support for the plan.

Mr Wong also said claims that Under Secretary for the Environment Christine Loh has resigned have no foundation.

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