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Book: Health and Environmental Impact Assessment An integrated approach (14 Feb 2014)

Health and Environmental Impact Assessment

An integrated approach

By British Medical Association

Routledge – 1998 – 260 pages
Health and the environment are intimately linked. Bad environments can cause ill-health, whether it be asthma worsened by air pollution, poisoning by exposure to hazardous substances, injury caused by fast-moving machinery, stress due to noise or social isolation resulting from poorly designed housing developments. Good environments contribute directly to our quality of life and wellbeing. Despite the interdependence of environment and health, these areas have traditionally been addressed separately through healthcare services, public health legislation and environmental protection measures. A pilot study carried out for the BMA found that in planning for new development projects, human health issues are often not adequately addressed. In this important new book, the British Medical Association shows why we need to develop an integrated approach to health and environmental impact assessment of development projects, and how this might be achieved. This approach may also be applied at the strategic level, allowing consideration of the health implications of larger-scale policies, programmes and plans within a wider framework of sustainable development. Concise and authoritative, with numerous case studies and examples, this BMA policy report will be useful for doctors and other health professionals, environmental health officers, planners and consultants, as well as students and researchers in environmental studies, health policy and planning. Originally published in 1998
List of Figures and Tables Editorial Board Board of Science and Education Working Party Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Introduction The British Medical Association BMA Policy on the Environment Doctors, Human Health and the Environment Aims, Scope and Structure of the Report Chapter 2: Management of the Environment to Safeguard Human Health: the Background Defining the Environment Sustainability Human Health and the Environment UK Institutional Framework for the Protection of the Environment and Health The Government and its Departments The Health and Safety Commission and Executive The Environment Agency The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Health Authorities and Directors of Public Health Occupational Health Services Local Authorities Non-governmental Organisations and the Private Sector European Action UK National Environmental Health Action Plan Environmental Health Commission: Agendas for Change Planning of New Development Chapter 3: Environmental Impact Assessment: Development and Current UK Provision Introduction Environmental Impact Assessment Strategic Environmental Assessment Social Impact Assessment Health Impact Assessment European EIA and SEA Legislation EIA SEA UK Regulations DETR Guide to Environmental impact Assessment Procedures Risk of Major Incidental Accidents Other Relevant Legislation Conclusion Chapter 4: The Inclusion of Human Health in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process Introduction Incorporating HIA with EIA The EIA Process 1. Screening 2. Scoping 3. Terms of Reference 4. Preparing the EIS 5. Submission and Appraisal of the EIS 6. Negotiation and Risk Management 7. Monitoring and Surveillance Future Needs of HIA Gaining Appropriate Health Information for Future HIA Development of Health Indicators Research Methodology for HIA Operational Research Examples of Possible Health Impacts of UK Projects Example: Manchester Airport inquiry Example: Industrial Pollution Example: Housing and Indoor Air Quality Example: Occupation Examples of the Health Impacts of UK Policy Example: VAT on Domestic Fuel Example: Transport Policy Example: Water Metering Example: Housing Policy Example: Asbestos Example: Out of Town Shopping Example: Disaster Planning Example: Food Policy Chapter 5: Wider Social and Economic Issues The Need for Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment Methodological Guiding Principles Multidisciplinary Participatory Equity-focused Qualitative as Well as Quantitative Multi-method Explicit Values and Politics Public Scrutiny Links with Social and other Impact Assessment The Consequences of Ignoring Health Impact Health Impact Assessment and Health Economics Economics, Health Economics and Concepts of Efficiency Economic Methods for Evaluating Health care Technologies Application of the Methods of Health Economic Evaluation to Health Impact Assessment Department of Health's Guide to Policy Appraisal and Health Health Impact Assessment and Health Economics: Scope for Interdisciplinary Collaboration Chapter 6: Human Health and the Environment: Policies for the Next Millennium Introduction Environmental Health Environmental Impact Assessments The Way Ahead Recommendations National Policies for Environmental and Health Impact Assessment Research The Design and Conduct of ElAs and HlAs Decision-ma king Policies for the Corporate Sector Education and Training Appendix 1: The Evolution of Public Health Legislation Appendix 2: Duties of a Doctor in Occupational Medicine Appendix 3: Recommended Target Maximum Levels for Pollutants Listed in the UK National Air Quality Strategy Appendix 4: Life-cycle Assessment Appendix 5: Environmental Impact Assessment: the Global Scene Appendix 6: Coverage of Impacts on Human Health in UK Environmental Impact Statements: a Review References Index

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