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Malaysia News: CM leaves it to MPPP to respond (8 Feb 2014)

CM leaves it to MPPP to respond

Published on 5th February, 2014
CHIEF Minister Lim Guan Eng has left it to the local council to respond to the issue concerning the beach erosion and water pollution at a stretch along the popular Batu Ferringhi beachfront.
Lim said the matter concerned Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK). He did not want to add anything more.
“The Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) will be coming up with a statement on this.
“Of course, we look at it very seriously and we will take action.
“I am sure MPPP will be looking into this matter.”
However, IWK has denied that it was responsible for the black-coloured substance flowing into the sea.
Its communications senior manager, Shahrul Nizam Sulaiman, claimed that the company’s sewage treatment plant, which serves a population of 30,000 users in Penang, was in good operational condition.
“We have found no evidence of burst piping anywhere.
“Everything is in working order. There were also no leakages found in all IWK sewer pipe networks.”
While not denying that the problem could stem from its sewage system, IWK claimed it was unable to pin-point the source of the black effluents flowing into the sea.
Shahrul Nizam also claimed that the results of the water samples collected met the parameters set by regulators.
This, he said, was to ensure they met industry standards.
“The substance could even be from farms nearby and direct discharges from other premises and individuals.
“Those who place the blame on us as the culprit behind the pollution should come forward.
“They should provide evidence, such as video footage and photos of the contaminated areas.
“We are willing to work with the state government to improve the water condition.
“We have the proper expertise to do so.”
Shahrul Nizam said based on checks by IWK officers, the black-coloured substance was not spewing out of its plant.
“During checks earlier today (yesterday), the black substance could be seen by our officers near the hawker centre, which is located in front of the plant.
“There could be other sources causing the pollution.”
When contacted for the second time, Shahrul Nizam reiterated the stand by IWK that it had taken all measures to ensure that the pollution did not originate from its treatment plants.
“We have 6,000 sewage treatment plants and 16,000km of underground sewerage piping.
“We have conducted comprehensive checks on them in the last three days.”
DIrty, smelly water gushing out of a pipe, believed to be that of Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd, from the Pantai Utara treatment plant into Sungai Batu Ferringhi yesterday. Pic by Danial Saad

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