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Vietnam News: Research cooperation on river basin management (8 Feb 2014)

Research cooperation on river basin management Thứ ba, ngày 11 tháng 02 năm 2014 cập nhật lúc 15:43

At a workshop on environmental and river basin management in Bangkok (Thailand), Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung,University of Natural Sciences (HanoiNationalUniversity) said that appropriate river basin management is an urgent issue. The river basins are facing many challenges, such as water scarcity and water quality deterioration. Especially in the context of the increase of natural disasters and climate change, the control of river basin’s quality becomes increasingly difficult.

These important advances in research and evaluation of the relations between climate change, environment and water resources have contributed to help countries to control and mitigate environmental risks in the river basins. This also encourages scientists to enhance their cooperation with each other in this field.

At present, Asia has formed the International ResearchCenter for River BasinEnvironment - Network (ICRE-Net). Many universities inHanoi and Ho Chi Minh City along with research institutes on environment and Hydrometeorology in Vietnam participated to the network.
The workshop attracted many Asian countries’ experts in the field of environment in order to share information on recent advances in research and management of river basin systems. Vietnam
 delegation presented 5 topics in the fields of climate and water resources, water treatment problems and healthcare.

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