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Book: The End of the Developmental State? (4 March 2014)

The End of the Developmental State?

Edited by Michelle Williams

Routledge – 2014 – 258 pages
The End of the Developmental State? brings together leading scholars of development to assess the current status of the "developmental state" in several developing and transitional economies of South Korea, Taiwan, Ireland, the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Brazil and India. Has the concept of the developmental state become outmoded? These authors would suggest not. However, they do argue that the historical trajectories of developmental states in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe suggest all too clearly that the concept must be re-examined critically and creatively. The range and diversity of their positions and their rejection of stale programmatic positions from the past will revitalize the debate on the role of the state in social and economic transformation in the twenty-first century. By bringing together careful comparative analyses of national cases, in both the Global North and South, the volume highlights pivotal conditions – economic restructuring, domestic politics, epistemic shifts and ecological limits – that are forcing revision of the goals and strategies of developmental states and suggests that states that ignore these new conditions will indeed see the "end of the developmental state".

1. Rethinking the Developmental State in the Twenty-First Century Michelle Williams 2. The Developmental State in Retrospect and Prospect: Lessons from India and South Korea Vivek Chibber 3. Liberal Globalization, Capabilities, and the Developmental Network State in Ireland Seán Ó Riain 4. Developmental State in Transition: The State and the Development of Taiwan’s Biopharmaceutical Industry Jenn hwan Wang 5. The Enigma of Chinese Capitalism Ching Kwan Lee 6. South Africa’s Emergent "Green Developmental State"? Vishwas Satgar 7. Development in an Anti-Developmental State: The Market Politics of Renewable Energy in an Advanced Country and Its Implications for the Environment Barbara Harriss-White 8. The Brazilian Social Developmental State: A Progressive Agenda in a (Still) Conservative Political Society Celia Lessa Kerstenetzky 9. Politics of Democratic Decentralization and the Developmental State: A Study of the Kerala Experience Thomas Isaac 10. The Developmental State: Divergent Responses to Modern Economic Theory and the Twenty-First Century Economy Peter Evans

  1. Development Policy
  2. Development Theory
  3. Economics and Development
  4. Development Economics
  5. Environment & Society
  6. Development Geography
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