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Book: Marine Policy-An Introduction to Governance and International Law of the Oceans (10 March 2014)

Marine Policy

An Introduction to Governance and International Law of the Oceans

By Mark Zacharias

Routledge – 2014 – 336 pages

This textbook provides the reader with a foundation in policy development and analysis and describes how policy, including legal mechanisms, is applied to marine environments around the world. It offers a systematic treatment of all aspects of marine policy, including environmental protection, fisheries, transportation, energy, mining and climate change.
It starts with a biophysical overview of the structure and function of the marine environment with a particular emphasis on the challenges and opportunities of managing the marine environment. An overview of the creation and function of international law is then provided with a focus on international marine law. It explores the geographic and jurisdictional dimensions of marine policy, as well the current and anticipated challenges facing marine systems, including climate change-related impacts and resource over-exploitation. The book should appeal to senior undergraduate and graduate students and form a core part of the curriculum for marine affairs, science and policy courses. It will also provide supplementary reading for students taking a course in the law of the oceans, but is not aimed at legal specialists.

1. Introduction to the Marine Environment: The Structure and Function of the World’s Oceans
2. An Introduction to International Law: International Marine Law and United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
3. An Introduction to Policy: Instruments for Marine Law and Policy
4. Developing and Analyzing Policies: An Introduction to Policy Analysis
5. Marine Environmental Protection Policy: International Efforts to Address Threats to Marine Biodiversity
6. International Fisheries Policy: Sustaining Global Fisheries for the Long Term
7. Marine Transportation and Safety Policy: The Operation and Regulation of International Shipping
8. International Law and Policy of the Polar Oceans: Governing the Southern and Arctic Oceans
9. International Law and Policy Related to Offshore Energy and Mining: Renewable and Non-renewable Resource Development on Continental Shelves and in the Area
10. Integrated Approaches to Ocean Management: Putting Policy into Practice and Managing Across Sectors
Conclusion: A Report Card on Ocean Management


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