Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hong Kong News: KS WOng visit the Netherlands (06 March 2014)

Fired up

Fired up:  Secretary for the Environment KS Wong (front row, centre) is briefed on the operation of the Afval Energie Bedrijf Waste Fired Power Plant in Amsterdam.

KS Wong visits the Netherlands

March 06, 2014
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong inspected thermal waste treatment facilities in the Netherlands yesterday, and met local officials and environmental experts.

Mr Wong visited Amsterdam's Afval Energie Bedrijf Waste Fired Power Plant, the world's largest waste-to-energy facility, which treats 4,400 tonnes of garbage per day using moving-grate technology.

It generates power and heat for the city, and extracts metals for recycling after waste treatment. The proposed waste-to-energy facility in Shek Kwu Chau, Hong Kong, will treat 3,000 tonnes of waste per day using the same technology.

Mr Wong then attended a luncheon meeting with the city’s Vice Mayor Carolien Gehrels and other officials to discuss environmental issues.

He later met Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment Siebe Riedstra and environmental experts in The Hague.

Mr Wong will visit Denmark tomorrow

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