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Hong Kong News: New power supply plans broached (19 March 2014)

New power supply plans broached

March 19, 2014
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong has tabled two fuel-mix options for Hong Kong's future electricity generation.

Speaking at a media session today, Mr Wong proposed “grid purchase” and "local generation" options, which will be discussed in a three-month public consultation.

He said the review is needed as existing coal-fired generating units will be phased out from 2017.

Under the “grid purchase” proposal, electricity imported from the Mainland would meet about half of Hong Kong’s demand, while local generation would meet the other half. Purchased electricity from the Mainland power grid would account for 30% of Hong Kong's supply.

Generation by natural gas would increase from the existing 22% to 40%, while coal and renewable energy would account for about 10% under this option.

The "local generation" option proposes increasing the share of natural gas to about 60%, with coal and renewable energy accounting for 20%.

Both proposals maintain Hong Kong's existing level of electricity imported from Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station at 20%.

Mr Wong said the Government is adopting an open position on the options.

Views on the consultation document can be sent by email.

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