Monday, March 24, 2014

Hong Kong News: Vessel fuel regulation approved (19 March 2014)

Vessel fuel regulation approved

March 19, 2014
Secretary for the Environment KS Wong says he is pleased to see the Air Pollution Control (Marine Light Diesel) Regulation has been approved, which will help improve air quality.

The regulation, which comes into effect on April 1, will require locally supplied marine light diesel vessels to have a 0.05% sulphur limit, a 90% reduction from the current requirement.

Vessels using fuel under the new requirement will emit 90% less sulphur dioxide and 30% less respirable suspended particulates, Mr Wong said, reducing the marine sector’s sulphur dioxide and respirable suspended particulates emissions by 10% and 4%.

“This will help improve the ambient air quality and reduce health risks for the population, especially those in the coastal areas," he added.

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