Thursday, November 24, 2011

International Conference on Advances in Ecological Research

Date: 19-21 December, 2011
Venue: Maharaja Ganga Singh University

"The biological diversity, land cover, atmospheric composition, climate system etc., are altering at an unprecedented rate. It is critical to understand these interactions so that science can provide a foundation for environmental policy at local, national, and international levels. Losses of biodiversity and changes in ecosystem are some of the most vulnerable issues which need immediate attention. The organization of this Conference is a small step to show our concern towards the losses we are facing and the consequences we are experiencing every day. The gamut of subjects covered by the Conference is comprehensive and wide-scoped.

The Conference will have Plenary Sessions with Distinguished Speakers, Concurrent Technical Sessions on various Thematic areas with Keynote addresses, Selected Oral and Poster presentations."

Organized by Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner & Nature Conservators.

Official website of ICAER:

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