Wednesday, April 11, 2012

World Economics Association Sustainability Conference 2012

WEAConference call 

Sustainability has many dimensions and we welcome contributions in the following areas, though others will be considered if the papers warrant them. We also welcome contributions from many countries as this would help an analysis of the comparative situation and of different perspectives on ecological issues.

  • Cost benefit analysis on the usage of alternative sources of energy
  • Sustainable firms and business
  • Law, economics and ecology
  • Global sustainable policies
  • Strategies for building sustainable cities
  • Ecology issues and policies in different countries
All submissions will be screened for relevance and suitability of content, after which they will be posted on this website for debate. The debate will take the form of an extended, text-based, online exchange and commentary over a period of four weeks, after which the papers and comments will be lodged within the WEA archives. We aim to publish conference proceedings or book volume if the contributions warrant it.

All WEA members interested in these issues are encouraged to register and participate in the conference. The participation can be as author of a paper, commentator, or attendee.

Conference Details

Organised by:
World Economic Association

Conference timetable:
Deadline for submission of papers 28th May
Discussion Forum period 18th June- 15th July

Contact Details:
Dr. Rita Yi Man Li
Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Location of Conference:

For more information:

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