Wednesday, July 25, 2012

S. Korean Updates: Mutual agreements with the U.S. and Canada on Eco label

Agreements for mutual cooperation on Eco label with the U.S. (Green Seal) and Canada (EcoLogo) are concluded.

Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) of the Ministry of Environment announced on the 16th the conclusion of agreement which mutually recognizes Eco label, assigned to environmentally friendly products, Green Seal of the U.S. and EcoLogo of Canada.

Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) is to accept the reliability of eco labeling program of each country and to act as a proxy in acquiring the eco label of other countries for the citizens of each country who apply for the accreditation.

The conclusion of the agreement opened the road for domestic companies to acquire eco labels of the U.S. and Canada via KEITI. Acquisition process does not require the companies to obtain certification from North America examinant and test institutes, thus save large amount of time and cost for eco label accreditation.

In particular, it is expected that the agreement will provide opportunities for environmentally friendly products to enter into North America market and the U.S. public sector market.
Green Seal mark is essential for the U.S. public sector market as Green Seal Inc. is running cooperative programs with state governments, schools and public facilities of LA and Chicago.
In addition, EcoLogo products of Canada are highly recognized across North America market, also widely distributed in the U.S.

KEITI is planning to expand the exchange and cooperation through various programs and activities.

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