Monday, August 6, 2012

New Book: Environmental policy and sustainable development in China by Paul G. Harris

Environmental policy and sustainable development in China
Hong Kong in global context

Author/Editor(s): Paul G. Harris
Format: Hardback , 304 pages , 240 x 172 mm
ISBN: 9781447305088
Published:16 May 2012

About This Book

"Rich communities still struggle between development and environment - Hong Kong's story provides an example of how Chinese cities may evolve. Professor Harris gives us a thorough analysis of the challenge of achieving sustainability." Christine Loh, Civic Exchange, Hong Kong
"Internationally renowned for his expertise in China and sustainable development, Paul Harris has written another marvellous book. The gap between the promise and practice of sustainable development in Hong Kong is growing - but so is the potential. Harris argues powerfully that the talents and resources available to Hong Kong could put it in the first rank of sustainable cities, and that this is vital not only for Hong Kong and China but for the world as a whole. Environmental policy and sustainable development in China is written primarily for undergraduate students, but its relevance ranges far and wide. Not to be missed." Andrew Dobson, University of Keele
"This is an invaluable text for students of sustainable development policies in China and Hong Kong. Offering detailed studies on a range of issues, Harris provides an extremely useful resource for students and researchers alike." Gabriela K├╝tting, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Drawing on practices and theories of sustainability, Environmental policy and sustainable development in China explores the prospects for achieving environmentally benign economic and social development in China and beyond. Using the Chinese 'world city' of Hong Kong as a backdrop and case study, it introduces major conceptions of sustainability, describes historical and political contexts for environmental policymaking, and analyses key challenges related to sustainable development, including air pollution, water quality, waste, transport and climate change. The book will be a valuable and unique resource for students, teachers and readers interested in environmental policy, sustainable development and ecological governance, especially in China and Hong Kong.
All of the author's royalties from sales of this book will be donated by Policy Press to Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong) and WWF (Hong Kong).

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