Thursday, August 9, 2012

S. Korean Updates: KECO to support medium and small-sized companies preparing for cap-and-trade system

KECO to support medium and small-sized companies preparing for cap-and-trade system

Keco. Korea Environment Corporation

Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) under the Ministry of Environment announced on the 7th that KECO is pursuing a project supporting medium and small-sized companies that are willing to participate in greenhouse gas reduction activity. KECO will support companies in establishing and evaluating greenhouse gas inventory and verifying the inventory by a third party.

The project is to support companies that are not subject to target management system. KECO will provide consultation for establishing the greenhouse gas inventory, support constructing and evaluating greenhouse gas inventory and assist a third party verification on the greenhouse gas inventory.

First, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Certification Center of KECO will select companies among the applicants and conclude contract for project implementation. Then, KECO will support establishing and evaluating inventory or provide the third party verification on the emissions of existing inventory.
Education and fee for verification & certification will be supported by KECO.  

Process of Project
Receive application from companies
Companies with existing inventory
Companies without existing inventory
Select companies and notify
Conclude agreement for the project
a. Consultation on greenhouse gas inventory establishment
b. Greenhouse gas inventory construction
Verification on greenhouse gas emissions by a third party
Evaluation on greenhouse gas inventory
As designation standard for target management system is strengthened and cap-and-trade system will be put into effect from 2015, KECO’s intention is to provide support in advance to the medium and small-sized companies where they have difficulties in preparing for the greenhouse gas emissions, prior to the cap-and-trade system.

To improve the capabilities of domestic companies and local governments against the climate change, KECO had performed and completed support & evaluation and verification & certification on greenhouse gas inventory of six companies and two local governments (2099-2011).     

Application for the project is possible via e-mail or ( or by sending mail to GHG Certification Center by August 31.

More information on the project is available at KECO website ( or the center website (  

KECO expects the project of establishing greenhouse gas inventory will help save a great deal of expense in the future for the companies that are entitled to target management system.

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