Monday, August 20, 2012

New Book: The Governance of Energy in China: Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy by Philip Andrews-Speed

The Governance of Energy in China: Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
Energy, Climate and the Environment

Philip Andrews-Speed

Palgrave Macmillan, 10/2/2012
ISBN: 978-0-230-28224-7, ISBN10: 0-230-28224-5,
5.430 x 8.500 inches, 280 pages, 17 b/w photos, 9 b/w tables

The way in which energy is governed in China is driving its rising level of carbon dioxide emissions. This book analyses the nature of energy governance in China by combining ideas relating to transition management with institutionalist theories, which helps to identify factors which assist or constrain the country's path to a low-carbon economy.


About the Author(s)

Philip Andrews-Speed Philip Andrews-Speed is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, London, Uk. His research has been focused on energy governance in China, and on the interface between energy policy and international relations.

Table of Contents

China's Energy Sector 1980-2010
China's Carbon Emissions: Outlook and Challenges
Managing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
Governance, Institutions and Society
China's Institutions of Governance
Energy Policy-Making
Energy Sector Reform
Energy Policy Implementation and Regulation
Technological Innovation and Household Energy Saving
Implications for China's Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy


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