Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Book: Governing Sustainable Urban Renewal Partnerships in Action By Rory Shand (2 Apr 2013)

Governing Sustainable Urban Renewal

Partnerships in Action

By Rory Shand

Published 3rd April 2013 by Routledge – 184 pages

Environmental and sustainability issues are currently stretched by economic concerns and policy areas such as housing and education are therefore needed more than ever to help regenerate the social and urban environment. Governing Sustainable Urban Renewal: Partnerships in Action uses detailed case studies from the UK, Germany and USA to explore the effect of institutional design and modes of governance and evaluates policy outputs, outcomes and best practice. In doing so, it illustrates where power and decision making lies in the delivery of urban renewal initiatives and examines the roles for communities in the governance process. The analysis offers insight into the formation of partnerships and networks that can help to overcome many of the obstacles faced in urban renewal and in the promotion of sustainable development in core urban areas.
Given the increasing commitment of governments throughout the world to renewal as a means for resolving entrenched environmental, social and governance problems, this timely new study should be of interest to students and researchers across a range of disciplines including environment studies, geography, public policy, governance and politics, sustainable development, planning and urban studies.

1. Sustainable Urban Renewal: Networks and Partners in Governance
2. Sustainable Urban Renewal, Partnerships and Networks
3. Understanding and Evaluating Partnership and Network Governance Models in Sustainable Urban Renewal
4. Institutional Context: Informing Partnerships, Solutions and Best Practice
5. UK, Thames Gateway-Thurrock and Barking
6. The Social City-Marzahn and Potsdam
7. USA, Groundwork- Bridgeport and Portland
8. Successes and Failures in Delivering Urban Renewal Through Partnerships
9. Learning and the Future: Best Practice in Governing Sustainable Urban Renewal Globally

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