Monday, April 15, 2013

South Korean Updates: NIER to improve ‘Clean Air Policy Modeling System’ (5 Apr 2013)


NIER to improve ‘Clean Air Policy Modeling System’


National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) of the Ministry of Environment started the service of much improved ‘Clean Air Policy Modeling System (CAPMOS)’ to provide air quality modeling information, an essential input to establish and assess national air policies, to the public and enhance the credibility of the system.

Air policy modeling is to predict the level of air pollution and deposition by entering the data of meteorological observation and air pollutant amount to system, taking air pollutant’s emission, response and diffusion into account. It is widely used to set up policies to reduce air pollutants and analyze the efficacy of policies and so forth.

CAPMOS was built in April 2012 to offer guideline and baseline data of air quality modeling necessary for the establishment and assessment of air policies to the users. It went through maintenance and improvement throughout the year.

Based on the accumulated study results, the data in four categories (air quality modeling guideline, meteorology, amount of emission and air quality) will be provided to the users after thorough reexamination of experts.

The baseline data is needed to execute air quality modeling suggested by the guideline as well as to analyze and verify the study result. It can be downloaded at the website for CAPMOS. (

An official of NIER said that CAPMOS will contribute to improving the transparency and credibility of air policies by disclosing input data used in air quality modeling to the public. He also added that NIER will put utmost effort to implement policies that would win the trust of the public.\


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