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Publications: Lessons Learnt From The Triple Disaster In East Japan (Jun 2012)

IGES Policy Report No.2012-01
Lessons Learnt From The Triple Disaster In East Japan
Editor: Watarai, Aya|2012/06|
Publisher: IGES(Hayama)

Language: English|
Publication Type: Policy Reports|
ISBN/ISSN: 978-4-88788-112-9|
Copyright: IGES. |
Contributor: Kojima, Satoshi and Asuka, Jusen|
IGES Staff: Nakabayashi, Mie

This policy paper comprises a report on the outcomes of the Earthquake Research Initiative conducted by IGES following the Great East Japan Earthquake. It focuses on three themes: Post-Fukushima Energy Supply Options in Japan; Observation of Multi-stakeholder Collaboration in Northeast Japan Earthquake; and Effective Energy Saving Measures: Experience from Post-Fukushima. The report offers recommendations for creating low-carbon and sustainable societies that are resilient to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and that could serve to guide other nations in Asia, where frequent natural disasters occur.


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