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Chinese Updates: US, China Agree on Climate Change Mitigation Actions (10 Jul 2013)

US, China Agree on Climate Change Mitigation Actions

US Department of State10 July 2013: The US and China agreed to five new action initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution, focusing on: emission reductions from heavy-duty and other vehicles; smart grids; carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS); the collection and management of GHG emissions data; and energy efficiency in buildings and industry.

A joint US-China working group on climate change defined the actions and will develop the implementation plans for the initiatives. The working group was constituted as a result of a joint statement on climate change issued on April 2013, where both countries noted "the overwhelming scientific consensus about anthropogenic climate change and its worsening impacts," and recognized that nationally appropriate action by both countries is "more critical than ever." The establishment of the joint working group aimed at advancing ways in cooperation on technology, research, conservation and alternative and renewable energy.

In particular, the working group is expected to develop, by October 2013, implementation plans for the selected initiatives in collaboration with the private sector and non-governmental stakeholders. One of the initiatives addresses the reduction of emissions from heavy-duty and other vehicles, comprising the deployment of comprehensive policies for efficiency standards, cleaner fuels and emissions control technologies. Other actions will aim at increasing CCUS to address emissions from coal combustion, as well as enhancing energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport.

Furthermore, joint efforts will also consider improving GHG data collection and management by fostering capacity building, and promoting the development of modern "smart" grid systems, as well as alternative and renewable energy. [US Department of State US-China Climate Change Working Group Fact Sheet] [Joint US and China Statement on Climate Change] [Report of the US-China Climate Change Working Group]

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